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Ranking on Google

Curious about ranking on Google?

Answer these 3 questions:

  • filter_1  Are you a “do it yourself” type of person or is someone in your company able to make website changes for you?

  • filter_2  Are you ready to start ranking on Google?

  • filter_3  Would you like a checklist of changes needed on your webpage to improve your visibility on Google?


If you answered yes to these three questions then scroll down, because you’re in the right place!

Ranking on Google - On Page Analysis

Make Your Website More Visible with Our Help

Your National SEO Experts, Stone Amp SEO, will provide you with detailed information about webpage changes you can make to increase your search engine visibility.

We’ll research and identify hidden opportunities that you can implement immediately for positive ranking results.

We’ll also include a ranking report, sent to your inbox, so you can monitor your position growth.

The Process for Success

  • filter_1  Submit a one-time payment.
  • filter_2  You tell us the website URL you’d like to improve. (Example: https://www.domian.com/webpage)
  • filter_3  Tell us what search phrase you’d like to target for higher rankings. (Example: Gold Bullion Dealer)
  • filter_4  Tell us what email address to send our findings and weekly ranking report.
  • filter_5  Receive the rankings you desire.

What We’ll Uncover

  • Mobile Friendliness – Does the webpage provide a great user experience?
  • Webpage Speed – Does the webpage load fast for the end user?
  • Content Structure – Does your content structurally adhere to Google’s Best Practices?
  • Media Optimization – Is your media optimized for the search phrase intended?
  • Webpage Security – Does your webpage provide a safe exchange of data with the end user?

What You’ll Receive

  • Checklist of Webpage Edits needed for Increased Visibility on Google
  • A password protected video explaining each change needed.
  • Monthly Ranking Report emailed to you over the next 6 months so you can monitor your keyword movement.
  • **Bonus: A List of Related Search Phrases, Including Monthly Search Volume

Take the First Step to Improving Your Google Rankings

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