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You must be a Tampa Chiropractor who is wise enough to understand how critical it is to rank your business on Google.

If you’re like most Tampa chiropractors, you are probably using a website platform such as ChiroMatrix or ChiroChoices. Have you noticed these websites do not rank for the number one spot on Google for any ‘chiropractor Tampa‘ related keywords?

Our Tampa chiropractor review

Tampa chiropractic professionals such as Dr. Caez is ranking number one for the keyword ‘Tampa chiropractor‘. This number one ranking accounts for 114 visits to his website alone, each month. (source semrush.com July 26, 2017)

If you looked at Dr. Caez’s website, you’ll note that he has a custom website. You’ll see that he is not using the same platform as most chiropractors in Tampa. Dr. Caez has elected to take control of his online presence by hiring professionals like Stone Amp SEO to build his website and optimize accordingly for search engines. (Note – Dr. Caez is not our client, but we appreciate what he’s accomplished with his online presence.)Tampa Chiropractor Search Engine Marketing

The cost of missing out on chiropractic patients

The keyword ‘chiropractor Tampa‘ receives 1000 searches each month. According to Google, 40% of those searches click the number 1 ranked spot (not the paid ads, those get 15% of the clicks).

If your website converted just 5% of these 400 visitors, you would have converted 20 new clients each month.

What’s the lifetime value of a chiropractic patient for your company? Multiply that by 20 each month.. this is what your office is missing.

(Our estimates are that you’re missing out on ~$850,000 annually)

Google My Business for Tampa Chiropractic Offices

If you’re considered a walk in chiropractor Tampa office, you most definitely want your business to be found on Google Maps.
50% of online searches are happening on mobile devices, and this number is increasing every day. These users are searching for terms such as ‘chiropractor Tampa near me‘ and ‘massage Tampa‘. These users are ready to set an appointment, they’re even doing the work of looking for you.Tampa Chiropractor seo

Generating chiropractic clients for your Tampa chiropractor business

Look, if you’re reading this article, you probably searched for Tampa chiropractor SEO Agency, possibly something related. You found this article because we wanted you to find us. We’ve strategically built this page just for you. This should be proof enough for you that Stone Amp SEO knows how to optimize for search terms, targeting exactly the type of person we want to work with. So, are you our next Tampa Bay Chiropractor?

Working with Stone Amp SEO

We’ve made our process very simple for our clients.

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